Really Weird Coincidence

Really weird coincidences today, October 9, 2021.

Was sitting at a café and overheard a mom and son talk about a frat party he went to at some college somewhere.

After he talked about the usual nonsense he said, “Oh, and this woman next to our room was raped.”

Just casually said that..

They went back and forth on how he knew: “We saw her burst out of the room crying.”

Whether she reported it: “Nope.”

And if the rapist was rich: “Pretty sure he is.”

Then they left.

The exchange reminded me about the first “real” college party I went to in Princeton. Friend of a friend of Slopie rich kid.

Party sucked.

But the morning after, while we waited on the porch, we saw a woman crying and walking down the porch with friends literally supporting her.

We asked someone who was at the party what happened. He said, “We think some guy raped her.”

As he said that he looked over to the porch and saw some guy standing there.

He was leaning on the rails and smoking.

“Him,” the guy said, “That’s the guy.”

The guy nodded to us and we nodded back.

Flashback to today: Before that mother and son chatted, I saw some guy I tangentially know of walking down the street with his son.

He’s a complete Slopie rich-kid a-hole.

He’s well connected with a lawyer dad. Knew friends who knew him as a bully at Columbia University.

From what I heard he raped someone who he taught in high school while in Columbia; statutory rape and and straight out assault rape.

Apparently his dad negotiated as settlement with the victim and got any mention of that removed from any public record.

The dude is now very successful in the New York City media world. Will probably inherit his family’s Brownstone in prime Park Slope. Born on third base; thinks he hit a triple.

No deep thought past all of these thoughts: Repercussions mean little when wealth and entitlement can let a-holes gaslight reality.

An acute perception does not make you crazy. However, sometimes it drives you crazy.

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Jack Szwergold

Jack Szwergold

An acute perception does not make you crazy. However, sometimes it drives you crazy.

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