Loonball Lady at an Art Supply Store

Happened today, November 28th, in Manhattan.

So I am simply shopping for some rulers in an art supply store, and this woman chimes in, “I guess good rulers are hard to find.”

I agree and just say “Yeah.”

She then asks me my age, “I say I am 53.” She replies “53… Prime of your life…” I shrug and say “I guess.” And then ask, “What about you?” She says “38… And not doing so great.”

I commiserate and say, “I’m sorry… I hope things get better…”

We both continue to look through the aisle.

This is where it gets weird…

She then says, “Attention isn’t that great. Unwanted attention is not good…”

I politely nod and agree and she says, “Ever been stalked?”

I pause and say, “Not really… But I’ve had some family issues that are like stalking…”

She then rambles, “I guess you’ve never faced your problems…” I wince my eyes and she continues, “I guess you just run away from them and avoided them… Isn’t that what you did?”

I then say “This is really a strange conversation to have with someone you just bumped into in an art supply store…” and walked away, hoping she doesn’t start shouting.

She just ends saying, “Just walk away from your problems… Never face them… Just do what you’re told to… Walk away… Follow the rules…”

I go to the front of the store, pay for my rulers and leave.

An acute perception does not make you crazy. However, sometimes it drives you crazy.

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Jack Szwergold

Jack Szwergold

An acute perception does not make you crazy. However, sometimes it drives you crazy.

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