About A Weird Encounter I Had at an Art Supply Store While Buying Some Rulers.

About How I Overheard a Casual Conversation that Connected to Me Spotting Someone I Tangentially Know.

Recalling My Memories of Having Brunch With Ex-Onion Colleagues the Day After 9–11

The view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in the days after 9–11. (Photo by Jack Szwergold; Taken in September 2001)

Recalling My Memories of Being in NYC during the 9–11 Attacks on the World Trade Center

The view from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge around noon on 9–11. (Photo by Jack Szwergold; Taken September 11, 2001)

About the Time Me and a Friend Spotted Our Shitty Junior High School Gym Teachers Buying Gold Chains From a Neighborhood Dirtbag

About the Time My Brother Oddly Insisted I Share the Electronic Game Him and His Wife Liked to Play With My 12 Year Old Classmates

About the Time Something Caught on Fire in the Wood Shop in Junior High School

A photo of East 14th Side of James J. Reynolds JHS. (Photo by Jack Szwergold; Taken June 19, 2016)

About the Time Me and a High School Friend Somehow Decided That Eating Fancy Tarts on the Steps of the Met Museum Was a Thing for Two Brooklyn Kids to Do

A photo of the front steps of the Met Museum. (Photo by Jack Szwergold; Taken May 23, 2021)

About how I learned to drive in high school thanks to a sketchy gym teacher, drag racing cops and sad street walkers in Brighton Beach.

The sidewalk next to Sea Breeze Park that is mentioned in this story. (Photo by Jack Szwergold; Taken July 6, 2019)

Jack Szwergold

An acute perception does not make you crazy. However, sometimes it drives you crazy.

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